5 Main Skills of Creative Thinking
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5 Main Skills of Creative Thinking

5 Main Skills of Creative Thinking

5 Main Skills of Creative

5 Main Skills of Creative Thinking. Humans are gifted by God to have the ability to think. When we think, there are several things that, if dig deeper, that will produce something extraordinary. As we already know, humans in carrying out activities, jobs and activities use the brain to think and solve these things.

When we talk about thinking, lately the term “creative thinking” is widely used in many ways, especially in the world of work. What is meant by creative thinking is when an individual has a way of thinking that is filled with creativity. When creative thinking is successful, that person can create an unusual work or result, which is different from the others.

Uniquely, not everyone has the ability to do creative thinking. However, it seems that this ability that is touted as one of the keys to success in life can be trained. There are some skills that you should have if you want to be those people who have the ability to do creative thinking. This article will discuss about these main skills of creative thinking.

Analytical Skill

The first main ability in creative thinking is to have analytical ability or the ability to analyze something. Analytical skills are very important in terms of decision making. Analytical skills are also often referred to as the ability to understand problems quickly. Someone is asked to always be careful and detailed in dealing with a problem so that the results obtained are also clear, fast and precise. In this case, the problems faced will have various types such as problems in the form of text, business plans or learning designs, or a collection of quantitative data.

Have an Open-Minded Way of Thinking

The second main skill for being able to do creative thinking is having an open mind. An open mind is the key to self-improvement. When we are able to have an open-minded mindset, then we will have broad insights. In addition, it is not easy for us to think negatively because our brains have been trained to get rid of bad thoughts or assumptions, both from within and from the environment. Because as we know, negative thoughts are one of the biggest barriers to our growth. If this continues to be maintained, it will be difficult for us to achieve the creative thinking that we want.

In addition, the insight will be broader when we do not reject any knowledge into ourselves but we must still filter it. A narrow mind is really not needed in any world. For example, when an entrepreneur has succeeded in developing his business because he has an open mind to all useful things around him, so that he succeeds in processing this knowledge into something that is profitable for him.

Good Problem-Solving Skills

Having good problem-solving skills is the third main ability to be able to do the creative thinking. With regard to the first ability, after a person can analyze the problem at hand, they must be able to find a way to solve the problem. The way to finish it must have an element of high creativity.

Ability in Organizing

Your ability to socialize will be tested when you take part in an organization. Think of it as in the world of work, co-workers are. Members of an organization that you and your colleagues are building together. By being involved in this organization, the mindset will be. Wider because you will learn to accept the opinions and input of others.

Skills in Communicating

The last main skills in creative thinking is being able to communicate your creative ideas well to many people. This is important because communication can be said to be the most important intermediary in creative thinking. For example, suppose you have to make a presentation in front of several clients to convey your ideas.  In order for these ideas to convey well to them, then you must have good communication skills.

Maximize The Search For Ideas
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Maximize The Search For Ideas

Maximize The Search For Ideas, what is your job? Are you a creative worker? Book writer, scriptwriter, content writer or even you are an artist?. Whatever your position and profession, you must have experienced something called running out of ideas. Of course, this is exhausted for us. So, you should have anticipation if suddenly we run out of ideas for work or pour an idea into our work.

Luckily, at this time we already know a technology that is very beneficial for mankind. What is that? The answer is the internet. The internet allows us to become a person who seems to hold the world. So this time, we will discuss how the internet helps us to collect various kinds of ideas that help us in our daily lives.

The Internet Takes Various Forms of Convenience of Life

Because the internet takes various forms of convenience of life, we ​​can enjoy it because by using the internet, the flow of information will be very easy for us to get. You can see that nowadays most people have held the internet in a small screen shaped or tablet that they carry around. With the internet too, distance and time will have no meaning anymore.

How to maximize the internet for our idea gathering purposes; let’s check a few things below:

  1. The internet is a network of computers that are connected. In its development, the internet is not just a human-to-human communication with the media of a computer or cellphone. Nowadays, the internet has been widely used in every aspect of life, such as finance, shopping, and even dating online.
  2. You can get business ideas from the internet with very complete and varied options. The online market is growing and indirectly also moving the wheels of the economy faster and more updated. So that if you don’t keep up with increasing abilities. You will always be left behind by other people who are also thirsty for the same business ideas.
  3. Entertainment seems endless. You can find any kind of entertainment in the jungle of the internet. The entertainment industry is currently developing itself into giants that provide entertainment services that can be accessed at home. This makes we shouldn’t even run out of ideas because the ideas have been presented in front of our eyes. We just need to pick him up.
  4. Not only for doing business, entertaining ourselves, and socializing, we can also use the internet as the best learning tool. You can learn online about anything you want. Lots of people who are successful by self-taught and they never give up to reach their dreams. Nowadays, self-development is very possible for you to do by browsing trusted sources on the internet.

The question now is, are you ready to use the internet to source your flow of ideas? Don’t forget to be careful. There is also a downside to exploring ideas in your searches on the internet. Apart from good ideas, many other ideas may not fit the ethical and cultural order. Therefore, be wise in using the internet as your friend.

5 Best Tips to Collect Ideas for Your Creative Writing
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5 Best Tips to Collect Ideas for Your Creative Writing

5 Best Tips to Collect Ideas for Your Creative Writing


5 Best Tips to Collect Ideas

5 Best Tips to Collect Ideas for Your Creative Writing. For you who have a job as a creative writer, getting a great story is very important. The readers need to get something new from your work and it is a hard job sometimes. When you feel relaxed and calm, ideas might cross your mind easily and you will be able to write a nice story. But, if you find it hard to get ideas, there are some tips for you to do.

  1. Read Other Creative Writing

If you are a novelist, take your time to read other author’s work. You will be able to know other people’s interest and point of view and know why people love it. There is also a big chance that you will be inspired by other creative writing. Thus, do not limit yourself to only read certain books and complete your book collection to broaden up your mind.

  1. Watch Movie

Watching movie, whether you do it alone or with other people, it will sure make you get inspired as see the whole story of the movie. Also, movie always comes up with great sound effect to make it look like real so you will be able to get more inspiration from it. For a better experience, it will be great to watch movie by yourself while thinking about the idea of your story.

  1. Pay Attention to the Hot Topic

There might be headline about accident, natural disaster, crime, etc. Find what is on the news nowadays and get inspired by that. If you still find it hard, try to read news from all over the world to find out what is going on there and find your inspiration. It will be a great story if you combine the headline today with your story. It will make people remember to that kind of accident or topic when reading your story.

  1. Do Research

Doing research is the best way to get many ideas for your story. If you already set one topic for your story, you need to collects many ideas and facts to elaborate the story. Thus, doing research is the best way to do it. You may do it by reading books in the library, searching through internet, or going the destined location. Thus, you can collect many ideas for your story.

  1. Take a Vacation

Taking a vacation is very important when you feel stuck at your writing. You need to relax your mind and the best way to do it is by going somewhere and enjoying the beautiful scenery. You need to feel the nature and feel blessed that you still have a job and it is indeed a wonderful job. That is why you need to enjoy every moment to take a rest and get inspired by the nature.

Do not ever feel pressured when you are doing your work as it is about producing something creative like dadu online for people to enjoy. You need to feel happy when you are doing it so people can feel it through your writing and they will also enjoy it. It will lead you to your best-selling book.

How Brainstorm Help You in Getting More Ideas for Your Writing?
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How Brainstorm Help You in Getting More Ideas for Your Writing?

How Brainstorm Help You in Getting More Ideas for Your Writing?

How Brainstorm Help You in Getting More Ideas for Your Writing?. When you want to write something, whether it is an article, an essay, or a novel, it is very important that you do brainstorming first. Why is it so important?

It is necessary to have a structure before writing so you will have the main guideline about what to write. After getting the structure, it is important to gather some ideas by brainstorming. It is an approach to gather ideas by thinking anything related to the topic.

For instance, when you want to write about education, you need first write down the word education in the middle of the paper. Then, draw some lines and write down some ideas about education. First, you can write down about why education is the topic you choose, what is education, education in what country, what is education system, what is lacking about education in your country, what can be improved about education system in your country. Those are main ideas about education and after that, you can write down the answer for those questions.

It is necessary to do research first before jumping down into writing. As you gather the information about the topic, you will gather more knowledge and it will make the writing process easier for you. It is also important to get the source from the reputable sites, especially when you write essay or journal as it will affect the result of your writing.

Even though you might write a novel, it is still necessary to gather good source of information. You know the right thing about the certain topic and after that; you can do improvisation in your story based on your imagination.

Here are some benefits that you can get by doing brainstorming before writing:

  1. Gather more ideas

It is easier to get more ideas about the topic as you narrow it down to different main ideas first. Thus, you can elaborate your mind about the topic to make your writing richer.

  1. Gather reliable information

As you search for the answers of those main ideas, you will try to find them from the reliable sources. You must be curious about the real answer for the question and thus you will do your best to get the correct answer.

  1. You will be able to do more improvisation in writing

Just take an example when you want to write novel about school life. As you do the everyday, while some others find it exciting to go. You will also find out how different system at school, different environment, and different teacher might have an impact to the students. By doing more research, you will gather more information and you can explore more to have richer writing. In the end, you will get a very interesting novel to sell.

Brainstorming is an important part when you want to write something. It is necessary so you can expand the ideas and gather more sources. Thus, you will be able to write easily about the topic that you choose. It results in your writing as you will never get a dull boring writing.