5 Main Skills of Creative Thinking

5 Main Skills of Creative

5 Main Skills of Creative Thinking. Humans are gifted by God to have the ability to think. When we think, there are several things that, if dig deeper, that will produce something extraordinary. As we already know, humans in carrying out activities, jobs and activities use the brain to think and solve these things.

When we talk about thinking, lately the term “creative thinking” is widely used in many ways, especially in the world of work. What is meant by creative thinking is when an individual has a way of thinking that is filled with creativity. When creative thinking is successful, that person can create an unusual work or result, which is different from the others.

Uniquely, not everyone has the ability to do creative thinking. However, it seems that this ability that is touted as one of the keys to success in life can be trained. There are some skills that you should have if you want to be those people who have the ability to do creative thinking. This article will discuss about these main skills of creative thinking.

Analytical Skill

The first main ability in creative thinking is to have analytical ability or the ability to analyze something. Analytical skills are very important in terms of decision making. Analytical skills are also often referred to as the ability to understand problems quickly. Someone is asked to always be careful and detailed in dealing with a problem so that the results obtained are also clear, fast and precise. In this case, the problems faced will have various types such as problems in the form of text, business plans or learning designs, or a collection of quantitative data.

Have an Open-Minded Way of Thinking

The second main skill for being able to do creative thinking is having an open mind. An open mind is the key to self-improvement. When we are able to have an open-minded mindset, then we will have broad insights. In addition, it is not easy for us to think negatively because our brains have been trained to get rid of bad thoughts or assumptions, both from within and from the environment. Because as we know, negative thoughts are one of the biggest barriers to our growth. If this continues to be maintained, it will be difficult for us to achieve the creative thinking that we want.

In addition, the insight will be broader when we do not reject any knowledge into ourselves but we must still filter it. A narrow mind is really not needed in any world. For example, when an entrepreneur has succeeded in developing his business because he has an open mind to all useful things around him, so that he succeeds in processing this knowledge into something that is profitable for him.

Good Problem-Solving Skills

Having good problem-solving skills is the third main ability to be able to do the creative thinking. With regard to the first ability, after a person can analyze the problem at hand, they must be able to find a way to solve the problem. The way to finish it must have an element of high creativity.

Ability in Organizing

Your ability to socialize will be tested when you take part in an organization. Think of it as in the world of work, co-workers are. Members of an organization that you and your colleagues are building together. By being involved in this organization, the mindset will be. Wider because you will learn to accept the opinions and input of others.

Skills in Communicating

The last main skills in creative thinking is being able to communicate your creative ideas well to many people. This is important because communication can be said to be the most important intermediary in creative thinking. For example, suppose you have to make a presentation in front of several clients to convey your ideas.  In order for these ideas to convey well to them, then you must have good communication skills.